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There are plenty of great places to visit in Kazakhstan but there are a few highlights that you can’t miss! From big Almaty Lake to Kolsai Lakes and Charyn Canyon, there are some must-see destinations in this country!

The Kolsai Lakes are a system of three stunning mountain lakes in the Tien Shan Mountains 300km east of Almaty. They are a popular place for hiking, horseback riding, and spending a night camping.

1. Ile-Alatau National Park

Ile-Alatau National Park is a popular destination for travelers looking to explore the beauty of Kazakhstan’s nature. It boasts a diverse landscape of alpine meadows and woodlands, glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls.

In addition, the park is home to over 300 species of flora and fauna. Some of the most famous wildlife species in the park are snow leopards, Central Asian lynx, Tian Shan brown bears, and golden eagles.

Aside from the amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery, Ile-Alatau National Park also offers a host of activities for guests to enjoy such as horseback riding, hiking, camping, skiing, and more! There are four sections of the park, each offering unique experiences for visitors to enjoy.

If you are a history buff, then you will be enthralled by Tamgaly Tas as it is the place where people used to worship Gods. This open air temple is renowned for the fact that its rock carvings and paintings are a great reminder of ancient religion.


2. Altyn-Emel National Park

One of Kazakhstan's most famous parks, Altyn-Emel National Park is home to stunning mountains, sand dunes, and ancient petroglyphs. It is also a prime destination for safaris and hiking.

The park was founded in 1996 to preserve unique natural complexes, archaeological and historical monuments, as well as rare plants and animals. The park is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges: the Altyn-Emel and the Aktau Mountains, and a vast desert with huge "singing dunes" from which wind blows the sand.

This is the perfect place to see herds of wild hoofed mammals like Kulan and Przewalski horses, lynx, Tien Shan brown bears, Persian gazelles, and black storks. A visit to the park is a must on your Kazakhstan itinerary, especially during spring and autumn.

It is best to go on a guided tour when visiting the park, but you can visit it independently too. There are many community tours that depart from Almaty, but it's always best to make your booking in advance with an English-speaking guide.

Altyn-Emel National Park

3. Karagandy

Karaganda, Kazakhstan’s second city, is a great place to visit if you are interested in Soviet heritage. While it is not a very colourful city with lots of grim looking Soviet flats, there are plenty of interesting museums and historical sites to see.

The region was once the site of intense coal mining, and was also home to several Gulag forced labor camps. Today, it’s a multi-cultural city with a lot of German influences.

For a unique adventure, try rafting or canoeing in Charyn Canyon. The gorge is awe-inspiring from the ground, but even more impressive as it plunges away from you.

The area is also home to Kolsai Lake which is a spectacular place to visit. Lying around 250km from Almaty, it has three shimmering lakes that are surrounded by beautiful alpine meadows and forests.


4. Aktau

Aktau is a town on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. Its current name means “white mountain,” possibly because of the cliffs that overlook the sea. It was previously known as Shevchenko, honoring the eponymous Ukrainian poet’s exile in the area.

  • The Aktau region is a great place for nature lovers and adventurers. It has beautiful golden fields, steep gorges, crystalline blue waters and rock formations.
  • It also offers many historical attractions. In particular, the Altyn-Emel National Park is worth a visit.
  • You can take a mashrutka (minibus) from Shymkent to the park once a day, leaving at 9 am. You’ll need to pay for the bus, but it will be worth it!
  • Other must-sees in the region are Issyk Lake and Turgen Gorge. It’s worth the effort to get to these places as they offer mountain views, pristine nature and Soviet relics.

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