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Paraguay might not be the most popular tourist destination in South America, but it is full of hidden gems that can enchant and delight you.

In the capital of Asuncion, history enthusiasts will find quintessential colonial architecture and national museums that showcase the country’s rich history. This UNESCO World Heritage site is also home to the National Pantheon of Heroes, an architectural jewel that focuses on Paraguay’s famed heroes.

Laguna Blanca

One of the most beautiful natural parks in Paraguay is Laguna Blanca, a paradise for birders. It has been intensively surveyed in terms of its avifauna and is home to 319 bird species (Smith et al., 2016).

This unique park is also an excellent place for observing monkeys and armadillos, as well as coatis. It is also one of the least visited tourist attractions in Paraguay, so it's a great idea to take advantage of its low influx during your stay!

This lake is situated in San Pedro Department, about 28 km east of Santa Rosa del Aguaray. It's an ecological and tourist location that combines an agricultural establishment with an impressive lake settled over calcareous sand, which makes it completely transparent and apt for diving. The lake itself is 147 hectares in surface and a depth of a few meters. Its water is pure and drinkable, without treatment. It doesn't have a thermosteric stratification and is deep enough to support a variety of fish.

San Cosme y Damian

San Cosme y Damian

Located on the Parana River near Asuncion, this district is home to a Jesuit mission that has lasted over 400 years. In addition to the church and school, this Guarani Jesuit complex was also used as an astronomical observatory during the 1700s.

The site is an excellent example of how Jesuits merged their European worldview with the traditional Guarani way of life, allowing them to keep the culture of their indigenous ancestors alive while Christianizing the region. These practices included the cultivation of yerba mate, a traditional drink that is still consumed by 90% of the population, and the belief in the Land Without Evil.

The buildings are sufficiently well preserved to reveal the architecture of a Jesuit mission, with a church that features 22 original sacred images carved into wood, some of which were originally polychrome. The cloister of workshops has niches displaying paintings and carved stone ornaments that represent natural and baptismal elements associated with Jesuit teaching.

Buenos Aires

Gran Chaco

One of South America’s largest - and most deforested - regions, the Gran Chaco spans a huge swathe of Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. Its dry forests and grasslands are home to around 3,000 plant species and 500 bird, 220 reptile and amphibian, and 150 mammal species.

Yet the ecosystem is being gobbled up as the area is cleared and used for farming, cattle ranches and cropland. The Argentine National Commission for Biodiversity (CONABIO) estimates that 20 percent of the region has been converted to agricultural land since 1985.

The encroaching agricultural frontier, coupled with hunting and climate change, are all factors contributing to the loss of biodiversity in the Gran Chaco. The World Wide Fund for Nature estimates that in 2020 there will be more than 133 square miles lost of native forest each month.

At the same time, the Chaco is home to a number of Indigenous communities. These peoples, who are often poor, live alongside rural farmers. They face a number of challenges, like water shortages.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a vibrant and exciting city that has a rich cultural tradition. It's also known for its nightlife, great food and fine wine.

Originally founded by Spanish settlers, it has maintained much of its colonial European influence. Many of the city's attractions reflect a variety of architectural styles from Spain, Rome, Paris and other European capitals.

A popular destination for tourists, Buenos Aires has a bustling economy and is a great base to explore the rest of Paraguay. The city is home to many luxury hotels and quaint bed and breakfasts.

Traveling to Buenos Aires is easy and convenient. The City has an extensive transport network and offers a number of shuttle services to make your journey more comfortable.

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