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When planning your trip to Segovia, you want to make sure you cover all the highlights. So, we've put together a list of our favourite places to visit in the city.

For one, if you're into unusual architecture then look no further than Casa de los Picos (House of the Peaks) on Juan Bravo Street. The facade features 617 pyramid peaks made of granite, making it a must-see for any architecture buff.

1. Alcazar

The Alcazar is one of the most important landmarks of Segovia and, as such, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle is built on a crag that dominates the city’s western skyline and dates back to both Roman and Moorish times.

You can get a guided tour of the Alcazar, but to really get the most out of it you should walk the grounds yourself. You’ll see the Throne Room and the Hall of Kings, which is where many of the monarchs lived.

Another must-visit in Segovia is Casa de los Picos, a unique 15th century building that features 617 granite pyramids coming to points on its facade. It’s an architectural masterpiece that’s also worth visiting if you’re interested in the history of Segovia.

To wrap up your day in Segovia, make sure to stop by the Museo Gastronomico de Segovia, a private museum that celebrates the best foods and wines of Spain. You’ll find an array of gourmet dishes and wine here, including a rich layered cake called ponche segoviano.


2. Aqueduct

One of the best places to visit in Segovia is the stunning Aqueduct. This incredible Roman structure is considered the largest Roman aqueduct still standing in Spain. The aqueduct features double decker arches and flawless stone construction.

The aqueduct can be viewed from a number of viewpoints, including the Mirador del Aqueducto. This is a good place to see the Aqueduct in its entirety and get a great view of the surrounding landscape.

Another option is to take a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful city of Segovia. This is on the bucket list for many people and it’s a fantastic way to see this part of Spain!

Another one of the best things to do in Segovia is to walk through the old part of the town. These pedestrian streets bend through the city, guiding you past 15th and 16th-century palaces, churches, secular buildings and into the Jewish Quarter.


3. Cathedral

The Cathedral is one of the most famous sights in Segovia. Designed in the late Gothic style between 1525 and 1593, it’s a must-visit for visitors to the city.

The exterior of the church is gorgeous, with a variety of colorful stained glass windows. Inside, you’ll find a massive sanctuary with stunning details and fine artwork.

There are several different chapels adorning the interior of this beautiful building, including the Retablo del Santo Entierro by Juan de Juni. It also boasts an extensive collection of art from the 16th century, as well as a stunning exhibition hall.

The best way to see the church is to climb the tower. It’s a lot of steps, but you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of the city.


4. Jewish Quarter

A must-visit in Segovia, the Jewish Quarter (Barrio Nuevo) is one of the most fascinating areas in town. This district, which stretches across the south side of the city between the Main synagogue and Corpus Christi church, has a unique urban layout that has remained unchanged since medieval times.

  • The old Main synagogue was the centre of the Jewish community in Segovia during the medieval period. It is thought to have been erected on a previous mosque with documentary evidence of its existence dating back to 1373, when it was already serving as a Jewish temple.
  • It was then confiscated en 1410 and nine years later it had been consecrated to Christian worship. As such, it was one of the most important religious centres in the whole of Castile and León.
  • Until 1481 the Jews of Segovia lived in self-governing quarters known as Aljamas. This meant that they were not confined to a single neighbourhood and could live in any other area of the city as long as they paid tax to the Spanish government. This arrangement did not last long.

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