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Victoria, British Columbia is a vibrant and charming city with plenty of activities, stunning architecture, and a lot of restaurants. It's also a great place to go whale watching!

While visiting the city, you'll want to make time for a visit to the Queen Victoria Building. Located in the center of town, this shopping mall is well worth a look. It's packed with stained glass windows, clocks, and other Victorian era decor.

1. Walking Tour

If you’re looking to spend an afternoon in Sydney, there’s no better place to go than the Queen Victoria Building (QVB). The multi-level shopping complex takes up a whole block of the city and offers shops from stationers and tailors to coffee shops.

You can also book a walking tour to learn about the history behind this stunning building and why it’s such a unique site. The tour will take you to the Ground Floor, Level 1 and Level 2 of the QVB and hear about the story of its creation, near destruction and modern way preservation.

The Romanesque architecture of this grand building was designed with the purpose of creating jobs for out-of-work stonemasons, stained window artists and other tradespeople during a time of recession. The intricate building was completed in 1898 and is a tribute to Queen Victoria.

2. Museum

The museum at the Queen Victoria Building houses an array of decorative arts from across the globe, displaying 4.5 million colour-rich handcrafted objects. The collection reflects the changing trends of decorative art throughout history, from glass to ceramics, sculpture and ironwork.

When the Queen Victoria Building was first opened in 1898, it housed a concert hall, coffee shops and showrooms. Over the decades, it housed many tenants, including the city library and offices.

Drastic'remodelling' occurred in the 1930s to accommodate the main occupant, Sydney City Council. Gallery levels were floored over and shopfronts were remodeled in the Art Deco style that was popular at the time.

3. Shopping

The QVB is one of Sydney's most famous landmarks and a must-visit for architecture enthusiasts, shopaholics, and history buffs. Located on George Street near Town Hall Station, the Queen Victoria Building houses more than 200 high-end stores and cafes.

A large central dome topped with a series of intricate stained-glass windows, pillars and arches distinguish this beautiful Romanesque structure. It was built in 1898 during a recession, and it required the employment of many local craftsmen to ensure the project was successful.

Besides the hundreds of shops, the Queen Victoria Building is also home to several impressive exhibits and museums. It's best to spend at least a few hours exploring all of the treasures that this beautiful and opulent building has to offer. Among the highlights are the Royal Clock that heralds each hour with a miniature procession, and the Great Australian Clock featuring 33 painted scenes from Australian history.

4. Food

Rich in history and architecturally splendid, the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) occupies an entire block on Sydney's George Street, with over 180 of Sydney's finest fashion boutiques, jewellery shops and homewares accompanied by delightful cafes and restaurants.

Having been threatened with demolition on three occasions, the QVB was saved by the people of the City following ardent public campaigning. Between 1984 and 1986 the QVB underwent major renovations and re-opened as a modern retail destination.

A highlight of a visit to the QVB is the tea room located on the third floor in the ballroom. This historic venue offers traditional High Teas that are sure to delight.

5. Entertainment

One of Sydney’s most iconic buildings, the Queen Victoria Building is a shopping hub that is filled with high-end fashion stores and boutiques as well as delicious cafes and restaurants. Thanks to a huge renovation, the QVB has been returned to its former glory and is now one of Sydney’s most popular attractions.

When it first opened, the QVB housed a concert hall, offices and warehouses for local artisans and tradespeople. Over time, the building was repurposed and occupied by the City Council for a period of time.

Amid a severe recession, the QVB was constructed to give jobs to many craftsmen who needed work. Near the dome at the top of the building there is a display that holds a sealed letter written by Queen Elizabeth II in 1986.

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