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Can Rouen really be seen in a single day?

Rouen is the capital of Normandy and a fascinating city with a rich history. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its Gothic cathedral and the stunning paintings of Impressionist Claude Monet.

If you are into museums, Rouen has no shortage of options. There is a museum for art lovers with the second-largest collection of Impressionist works in France, and another for nature fans, highlighting the region’s natural history.

Cathedrale Notre Dame

Rouen Cathedral is one of the most renowned Gothic structures in Europe. It sums up the evolution of Gothic art from the 12th century onwards.

It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built on the foundations of a Romanesque complex which was destroyed by Viking attacks in 841.

This was a good thing as it allowed the construction of a Gothic building freer from the constraints of its Romanesque predecessor. It is still in use today and offers a very moving experience.

The church is richly decorated and contains many notable tombs including those of Richard the Lion Heart. It has a number of stained glass windows from multiple ages.


Rue du Gros Horloge

The Rue du Gros Horloge is a pedestrian street that connects the cathedral square and old market square in Rouen’s historical centre. It’s known for its half timbered buildings and is a must-see in this historic city.

The yawning renaissance arcade of the Gros-Horloge spans the cobbled street and houses one of the oldest clock mechanisms in Europe. It is flanked by the Gothic belfry that holds the town’s bells and offers an exceptional panoramic view over Rouen.

The 14th-century astronomical clock set on the Renaissance arch has detailed carvings and features the Paschal Lamb, part of Rouen’s coat of arms. Visitors can take an audio guide tour in French or English.


Place de la Republique

The lively Place de la Republique is one of the city's major public squares and is a great place to watch Parisians go by. It's joined by 11 roads and is home to the Republic Statue, a bronze freeze that tells the story of the French Republic's first century.

Rouen is known for its picturesque cobbled streets and its fine half-timbered houses built on waterproof stone bases. Some of them have richly decorated corbellings made from oak, which saves space on the ground but also protects the facade's timber from the rain.

In the town centre there are several parks to enjoy including the Albane garden flanking the cathedral, the Square Verdrel and Gardens of the City-Hall. The latter is the site of a former cloister and was recently renovated.


Musée des Beaux-Arts

Rouen’s renowned Musée des Beaux-Arts is one of the richest in France, with a collection that ranges from Renaissance to modern art. Its neoclassical building was designed by Louis Sauvageot and built between 1877 and 1888.

The museum’s paintings and sculptures span Europe from the 15th century to the present day, with works by Veronese, Perugino, Velazquez and Rubens forming the core of its collections. In addition to these, the Musée des Beaux-Arts boasts an impressive impressionist collection, which is home to 126 pieces by Monet.

During the 19th century, generous donations and Napoleon’s army’s acquisitive reach resulted in a remarkable expansion of the collection. These included Impressionists from Francois Depeaux in 1909, Jacques-Emile Blanche’s drawings in 1975 and Modigliani’s from the Alexandre family in 1988-2001.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is one of France's largest museums and features paintings by artists such as Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol. Visit with a guide to avoid the crowds and gain insight into Renzo Piano's striking architecture, Dubuffet's winter garden, and the multimedia galleries.

  • A short walk from the Rambuteau or Chatelet metro stops, Centre Pompidou is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, except Tuesdays when it is closed.
  • Centre Pompidou houses the National Museum of Modern Art and has a range of exhibition and entertainment spaces, as well as a library, rooftop restaurant, and cinemas. The Musée des Beaux-Arts is also located within this complex. The museum is home to a number of important collections, including paintings from the Impressionists.

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