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Thessaloniki is Greece’s second-largest city and a great destination for a city break. It’s packed with historic sights and you can explore it on foot without having to worry about navigating the streets.

One of the best things to see in Thessaloniki is its ancient ruins. There are plenty of Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman ruins all over the city.

1. The White Tower

A pillar of Thessaloniki’s history, the White Tower is a 34-meter tall monument with a harrowing past as a prison and place of mass execution. Originally constructed by the Ottomans on Byzantine fortification remains, it became a key part of their defense system for the city’s harbour.

The tower is also a museum that tells the story of the city’s history through various periods. Its museum halls are arranged in a manner that offers an educational and fascinating experience for tourists.

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The White Tower

2. The Rotunda

One of the oldest and most significant symbols of Thessaloniki, the Rotunda is said to have stood tall for sixteen centuries. It was first a Roman mausoleum, then a Christian church and finally a mosque; it is a part of the Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments that were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988.

Its unusually thick walls (more than 6 meters high) were able to withstand many earthquakes throughout its history. Inside you can see mosaics that are beautifully carved with birds and fruit.

A unique construction in Greece, the cylindrical rotunda was built by the Emperor Galerius as part of his palatial complex and intended as his mausoleum. It is crowned by a flat dome that at its apex is 100 feet (30m) high.

The Rotunda is said to have been adorned with early Christian mosaics and its interior is a museum for ancient art. It also serves as a church on the first Sunday of every month.


3. The Arch of Galerius

One of the most characteristic monuments in Thessaloniki is the Arch of Galerius, a triumphal arch which commemorated the victory of Roman Emperor Galerius over the Persians. The Arch of Galerius, also known as Kamara, is a landmark in the city centre, standing close to Aristotle Square.

The masonry core of the Arch is faced with marble sculptural panels celebrating Galerius’ military victories against Narses (Narseh), the seventh Sassanid Persian emperor, in 299 AD. The surviving reliefs display various scenes, each of which has a central message, in both historical and ideological terms.

The first band of reliefs shows a sequence of scenes of Galerius and his family celebrating their victory, and is perhaps based on Augustan models; the next panel depicts the tetrarchy standing together, a depersonalized depiction of their unity, while the final band of reliefs focuses on a sacrifice to Galerius and Diocletian, a common practice on Roman victory monuments such as the Column of Trajan and the Arch of Septimius Severus.


4. The Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki

The Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki is a must-visit for history buffs and anyone who loves ancient Greece. It offers plenty of Byzantine treasures, plus simple explanations to get you up to speed on this long-lived empire and its culture.

  • The museum features eleven themed rooms, each of which tells a specific story about the Byzantine period. From Early Christian Cities and Dwellings to From Elysian Fields to the Christian Paradise, you'll learn about the economy, domestic life, handicrafts, food and religion of the people in this era.
  • Sculptures, murals, icons, metalwork, coins and manuscripts are all part of the collection. These objects come from churches, private houses and cemeteries of Thessaloniki and Macedonia.

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