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Trieste is a charming port city between sea and mountain that combines Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influences. It is a great place to explore for its rich cultural life and attractions.

The writers, poets and intellectuals of Trieste frequented a variety of historic cafes. Some of the best are Antico Caffe Torinese, Caffe Stella Polare and Cafe Tommaseo.

1. Piazza Unita d’Italia

Piazza Unita d’Italia, or St Peter’s Square as it is more commonly known, is a very important place to visit in Trieste. It’s often described as Europe’s largest sea-facing city square and it is definitely worth a visit both day and night!

The square is surrounded by some of the city’s most iconic buildings. The Palazzo del Governo, the historic Fontana dei Quattro Continenti, and Trieste Town Hall are all well worth a look.

There are a few historical cafes lining the square as well, including Caffe degli Specchi. This charming establishment is famous for its espresso, and also offers a good selection of wines.

Across from the square is Canale Grande, a long stretch of water that was once used as a harbor for sailing ships. Today, it’s lined with cute cafes and magnificent buildings.

There are a few museums in Trieste, but one of the most interesting is Museo Revoltella, which displays a collection of stunning works by artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. This is a must-visit if you love art!

Piazza Unita d’Italia

2. Borgo Teresiano

The Borgo Teresiano is one of the most beautiful areas in Trieste. With its raffinati e eleganti immobili, it has a strong sense of prestige and is a great location for both living and investing in property.

This neighbourhood has a lot to offer, including great shopping, fantastic restaurants, and stunning architecture. It’s also home to a number of parks and museums, making it an ideal place for families to spend time together.

There are a few things you can do in the area, including visiting the famous Canal Grande. It pierces the shores in two and once was an essential way to transport goods between the city and other regions.

The Canal is a popular spot for tourists and locals to go for a stroll, with many restaurants along the waterfront serving delicious dishes. You can also visit the prestigious Palazzo della Ragione, one of the oldest buildings in Trieste. You can also enjoy the fantastic view from the top of the tower in Largo di Torino.

The Old City

3. The Old City

A port city with Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influences, Trieste is set on the limestone-dominated Karst Plateau in northeast Italy. It combines a medieval old town with a neoclassical Austrian quarter.

One of the best things to do in Trieste is to see the medieval city centre, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a lot of ancient architecture and a bustling marketplace with a wide range of shops and restaurants.

The main square, Piazza Unita d’Italia, is also a popular place for concerts and important head state meetings. It’s home to a few key attractions, including the impressive City Hall building, golden mosaic-adorned Palazzo del Lloyd Triestino and the Fountain of the Four Continents.

A short walk from the city center is San Giusto Castle, a fortress that sits on top of a hill with panoramic views of Trieste and its bay. Inside the castle, you can explore vaulted halls filled with rich tapestries and displays of ancient weapons.


4. The Molo Audace

The Molo Audace, formerly known as San Carlo Pier, is one of Trieste’s most important landmarks. Its 250m long pedestrian pier stretching out into the Adriatic is a popular place for strolling, enjoying sea views and fresh air.

  • It was built between 1743 and 1751 and was dedicated to the wreck of the ship San Carlo, which sank in the port in 1740. At the time, it was shorter than it is today: it measured 95 meters in length and was joined to land by a small wooden bridge.
  • However, over the years it has been gradually lengthened, reaching its current 246 m (807 ft) length. The small bridge has been eliminated, and the pier has joined directly to the mainland.
  • This pier has been a focal point of Trieste’s maritime history for over a century, and it remains today a key tourist attraction, renowned for its undoubted charm and for the magical sunset it offers from the end of the promenade. The pier also commemorates the first Italian Navy ship to dock in Trieste, Audace, on November 3, 1918.

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