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Benefits of Booking Excursions in Aqaba through Mycitytrip.com:

Sitting on the Red Sea's Gulf of Aqaba, this ancient port city is home to the world-famous Petra and offers a range of water sports.

Aqaba is also the gateway to Wadi Rum, a stunning desert wilderness less than an hour's drive away.

With a little planning, you can make the most of your time in this Jordanian hub! Here's our list of must-sees and to dos.

Ayla Ruins

Ayla Ruins is a site of interest and history, located at the port of Aqaba. It was one of the earliest planned Islamic cities built beyond the Arabian peninsula and founded in 650.

It is a site that traces the rise of early Islamic civilization and has an impressive mosque, market places, city entrances, public gathering places, and many other buildings. The excavation of this ancient city has made it an important tourist attraction in Aqaba.

This archaeological excavation is currently carried out by Jordanian and Egyptian archaeologists under a joint project funded by the USAID SCHEP program. The findings of this expedition are expected to be announced next week by the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan.


Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque

Located across from Al-Ghandour Beach on Al-Shata Street, opposite the market, Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque is a site of interest and history. The mosque was named after the founder of the “Hijjaz Hashemite Kingdom”, may God have mercy on him, and was built to commemorate his achievements.

The mosque is a beacon of Islamic architecture, with its immaculate white structure, intricate windows and towering minarets. It also has the largest dome of any Jordanian mosque.

The mosque was modeled after notable Islamic architecture, including Mamluk architecture which was known for its beauty and grace and used decorations in a three-dimensional manner stemming from the convergence of architectural blocks. It also combines modernity with originality in its prominent Islamic inscriptions on the walls, arches, and doors.


Al Ghandour Beach

The city’s public beach promenade, known as the Corniche, is a great way to relax and get a feel for what life is like in Jordan. It’s perfect for long strolls and people-watching.

The beach itself is not spectacular, but it does offer a decent place to chill out and take in the view. It’s not the best for swimming, however, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing your bikinis here.

Further along the coast is the Aqaba Heritage Museum, a free museum that displays photographs and artefacts from the area’s history. It’s not the best museum, but it’s worth a visit for those interested in learning more about Aqaba’s past.


Mamluk Castle

Originally built by Crusaders, this fortress was rebuilt in the 16th century under the Mamluk sultans. It is a fascinating site of interest that offers you a glimpse into the history of Jordan.

Located on the coast of Aqaba, this castle is one of the most important sites of interest in the city. It also serves as a historical monument that depicts the history of Aqaba.

The fort was first constructed by Sultan Qanswah el-Ghawri between 1501 and 1517, during the Mamluke dynasty. After a period of deterioration, it was revived by Mamluk Sultan Murad III in 1587.

Aqaba Bird Observatory

The Aqaba Bird Observatory is an important site for bird watching as it receives flocks of migratory birds from Europe, Asia and Africa. The 0.5 km2 site is located in the Al-Salam forest near the South Wadi Araba Crossing Border and it is run by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN).

According to the RSCN, Aqaba Bird Observatory is a significant rest area for migratory birds. It attracts more than 350 species of birds every spring and autumn.

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding with the United States Agency for International Development and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature to create new lined ponds at the bird observatory, intended to sustain its vital habitats. The ponds will help protect water and green habitats that are a crucial pitstop for half a million migrating birds visiting the site annually.

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