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Kotor is a town of historic landmarks, enchanting architecture and stunning natural scenery. Whether you’re looking for a day of adventure or just a little time to unwind, there’s something here for everyone.

The best way to get around the Old Town is on foot, but public buses are also available. Alternatively, you can take a guided walking tour to see the main sights.

St. Nicholas Church

Kotor, on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sights, is home to many medieval monuments and beautiful architectural structures. This makes it an excellent choice for a history lover and a great place to see how the city has changed over time.

One of the most important monuments from the medieval era is the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, built in the 12th century on the site of an earlier church.

This Cathedral has a rich treasury and displays relics that were brought to Kotor from Constantinople by Venetian traders in 809. It’s also home to a 15th-century alterpiece made by local goldsmiths.

Among other things, this church is notable for its onion domes. It was designed by the architect Choril Ivekovic, who began construction in 1902 and finished it in 1909.


St. Luke Church

Kotor is a small, charming town with cobbled streets, piazzas and churches. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon stroll, a cup of coffee or a restaurant with stunning views, there is something for everyone.

Among the most prominent of all Kotor’s historic landmarks, Saint Tryphon Cathedral is hard to miss. With a recognizable facade and two bell towers, this church is a must-see for anyone visiting the city.

The Cathedral also features a Sacral Air Museum, where you can find paintings dating back to the 1200s. This is one of the best things to do in Kotor, so be sure to set aside time for a visit.


St. Claire’s Church

Kotor is a small, pedestrian town but one that is full of pretty streets and quaint old buildings. Its location in the Bay of Kotor made it a strategic port for many regional powers throughout history.

You can’t visit Kotor without taking a walk up to St. John’s Fortress to enjoy sweeping panoramic views over the bay.

A path snakes up to the top of this medieval fortress atop a hill, with a total elevation of 260m above sea level. It takes about 1.2km to complete the ascent.

At the top you will find a church and monastery that is a favorite pilgrimage site for many. A beautiful tapestry, woven by a local woman from Perast, depicting Our Lady of the Rocks, and a museum are also on offer.


Cathedral of St. Tryphon

The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in Kotor is one of the most important landmarks of the medieval city and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Montenegro. It was built on the ruins of another church that had been there since 809 and was consecrated in 1166.

The Romanesque architecture of the cathedral features slender Corinthian columns and pink stone pillars that thrust upward to support a series of vaulted roofs. Inside, you’ll find a collection of religious artifacts, including relics brought to Kotor from Constantinople by Venetian traders in 809 and a 15th-century altarpiece made by the city’s famous goldsmiths.

This is a must-visit landmark for all history buffs and architecture enthusiasts, as it is older than many of the world’s most famous churches. It is also home to a treasury of valuable artifacts, including a gilded altar screen and baroque frescoes, which makes it an unforgettable place to visit in Kotor.

Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Christ Child. It was created on an island off the coast of Perast.

  • The church was built in 1722 and is home to a venerable 15th century icon of the Virgin Mary, the work of Lovro Dobricevic, and an altar made of Carrara marble by Genovese sculptor Antonio Capelano.
  • There’s also a museum that features an extensive collection of votive paintings and silver plates. It’s an excellent place to learn about this mystical site and its history.
  • Our Lady of the Rocks is one of the tiny islands that line the rim of the Bay of Kotor, just outside the old town. To get there, take a small boat from Perast (EUR10 roundtrip in April).

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