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Whether you’re on a quick day trip or staying for a week, there are so many things to do in Sorrento. We’ve rounded up six of the best spots to visit during your stay in this historic Italian city.

Start with Piazza Tasso, which is perfect for people-watching and grabbing a coffee or cocktail. The square also hosts a popular market on Tuesdays.

1. Piazza Tasso

Located in the centre of Sorrento, this square is a busy area that is surrounded by historical buildings. It is also the main shopping street in the city.

The Baroque Church del Carmine is one of the main attractions in this square. Its interior is home to paintings by Onofrio Avellino of the Virgin and Saint Simon Stock, along with 16th-century gilded reliquaries of saints’ bones.

The square is a popular spot for locals and tourists to shop and relax. There are bars, cafes and restaurants around the square.

2. The Basilica of Sant’Antonino

The Basilica of Sant’Antonino is the town’s most important church, named after one of Sorrento’s patron saints. It is a Baroque structure with a grey tuff facade and marble columns that are believed to have come from Roman villas built in the area.

Inside, the church is rich in art, with gilded ceilings and paintings by Giovanni Bernardo Lama, along with silver medallions from sailors who offered votive offerings after escaping shipwrecks.

Another attraction in Sorrento is the Valle dei Mulin, a natural riverbed that once reached the sea. You can take a walk through the gorge and see the ruins of one of the water-powered mills that once lined it.

Piazza Tasso

3. Marina Grande

There’s no denying that Capri is famous for its sapphire waters and five-star resorts, but there are also great sights to see around Marina Grande. Here you’ll find a pebble beach that lines a number of restaurants and is surrounded by the ruins of a Roman villa.

It’s worth spending a few hours at this popular beach, which has a boardwalk atmosphere and plenty of seafood restaurants to choose from. There’s also a little fishing village here, where you can get a taste of life on the water.

You can also take a boat trip to Capri from here, which takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is a great way to see the island. You can book a full-day tour that includes round-trip transport from Sorrento or Naples and a visit to the Blue Grotto.


4. Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is a lively resort town, popular for its namesake beach along the Tyrrhenian Sea and views of Faraglioni rock formations. Visitors can also take a tour of the botanical Gardens of Augustus on Via Krupp.

Besides the sheltered beach, Marina Piccola is home to lidos (seaside villas that have been converted into bathing areas). They stretch into the turquoise water on stilts and are a great place to cool off in the summer heat.

If you’d like to visit the island, a day trip from Sorrento or Naples is an excellent option. It includes round-trip jetfoil transport from either city, as well as a small-group tour of Capri and the Blue Grotto.

Marina Piccola

5. Cloisters of San Francesco

The Cloisters of San Francesco is one of the oldest monuments in Sorrento, built around the 14th century. It features a beautiful cloister, which is decorated with a vine-covered vault and surrounded by columns.

The monastery is a tranquil spot where you can listen to concerts and explore the surrounding gardens. It also hosts a number of art exhibits and events throughout the year.

The cloister is a treasure trove of historical art, featuring sculptures, paintings, goldsmiths’ work, and textiles. The interior is particularly impressive, with an ornate gilded ceiling and medieval paintings.

6. Valle dei Mulin

The Valley of the Mills, or Valle dei Mulini in Italian, is a popular tourist attraction. The stone mills are built in a 30-foot-deep valley created by a volcanic eruption 35,000 years ago.

  • The ruins of the ancient flour mills are a fascinating reminder of the area’s rich past. It was once one of the main paper-making centers of Europe, thanks to Arab merchants who mastered the art of paper making.
  • The ruins of the mills are a popular attraction, but there are many more sights to see around Sorrento. If you’re looking for a bit of culture, the Basilica of Sant’Antonino and Museo Correale are both worth a visit, as is the Gallery Raffaele Celentano which shows black and white photos from the 1930s on a secret rooftop terrace.

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