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Nuremberg is a city with a rich history. As a medieval and imperial city, it has a duality that makes it a truly unique destination.

One of the best things to do in Nuremberg is to stroll through its historic Altstadt (Old Town). It is one of the most colorful and beautiful examples of a medieval town in Germany.

1. The Old Town

Dotted with medieval churches, laced together with half-timbered buildings and punctuated by an awe-inspiring 1000-year-old castle, Nuremberg’s Old Town is bursting at the seams with history.

For lovers of art and architecture, Nuremberg is a must-see. During your visit, you’ll be able to see a variety of historic sites and monuments from the 13th century to the present day.

Start your tour by strolling through the Hauptmarkt, which is a central square in Nuremberg’s Old Town. On one side, you can find the beautiful fountain – a spire-like ornamental structure constructed in 1390.


2. The Lorenzkirche

The Lorenzkirche is one of the most famous churches in Nuremberg. This stunning Gothic church is a true work of art, filled with sacred art and medieval stained glass.

The western facade is dominated by two tall towers, framing the main portal with a stone rosette window 9 meters in diameter. Veit Stoss’s Engelsgruss (Annunciation) carved above the high altar and a 15th-century tabernacle in the left aisle are both worth seeing.

Located across Konigstrasse, the Lorenzkirche is easy to reach by public transport. It’s one of the city’s three most significant churches, along with the Frauenkirche and Sebalduskirche.


3. The Nuremberg Toy Museum

Known as one of the most well-known toy museums in the world, the Nuremberg Toy Museum is a must for all fans of toys. The exhibition traces the cultural history of toys from antiquity to the present and is home to around 87,000 exhibits.

Throughout the centuries, toy-makers in Nuremberg crafted dolls and tin figurines. They also produced optical toys like a zograscope or magic lantern.

While some of the pieces on display may seem dated and not very sophisticated, it is hard to imagine that they were once so readily available in a time when everything was made by hand. This is why it’s such a delight to see such a vast collection of old-style playthings displayed in the museum.


4. The Neues Museum

Nuremberg’s stunning contemporary museum is a must-see for anyone interested in art, design, and culture. Located in the Old Town, the Neues Museum houses an impressive collection of painting, sculpture, photography, video arts, and installations.

The building was designed by architect Volker Staab and is set among the historic buildings in the city’s Altstadt. The edifice reflects the old city walls like a mirror, and is home to one of Germany’s most impressive collections of modern art.

Throughout history, many cities across Europe have been carved into rock and built within city walls. However, many of these unique fortifications have been destroyed or lost to time.

5. The Hauptmarkt

Nuremberg’s main square, the Hauptmarkt (main market), is a hive of activity. It hosts daily markets and is home to the city’s most iconic church and opulent fountain.

  • There are also regular festivals, parades and other events that take place here. This makes it a fantastic place to experience the Christmas spirit in Nuremberg.
  • During the weekdays, there are colourful market stands selling fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, crispy bread and more. At weekends, the market is full of booths with regional and international specialties.
  • The renowned artist Albrecht Durer lived here for many years. The house museum traces his life and work, showing his paintings and artifacts.

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